here's how i'll make you laugh

Everybody's angry all the time right now. I feel like America hasn't recovered from an angry election season, so now we're angry about everything. Super bowl - ANGRY!  News - ANGRY!  Weather - ANGRY! People are picketing, carrying signs, protesting, marching... I'm not against it, I'm just saying there's a lot of angry to go around.

The Bad Blood (thank you, Taylor) has infected me, too, and as I look back, I've been a little angry on my blog lately.  But I'm not angry overall, I'm actually quite at peace with most of my life right now!

So, for a warm-up chuckle, please look to the left and know that when my three-year-old son put this on, he walked over and said, "Look, Mommy, I'm Iron Man."

I don't remember this part of the movie. (I tweeted the pic to Robert Downey Junior. I'll let you know if he replies.)

So, as promised, a laugh.  This is my new favorite story, sorry if you've already heard it...

(Side note: My husband has certainly heard it because never has there been a moment in the last sixteen years that I've shown him something new. He always does this annoying thing where he smiles pleasantly and chuckles, then says something like, "I laughed really hard the first time I saw that." ANNOYING! I swear, he has a full-time job, but somehow he is able to see EVERY FUNNY VIDEO on the internet before me, the so-called "work at home mom.")

I digress. The story:

So, a police officer is doing a routine check near an elementary school with his canine partner. After they finish the sweep, he notices a little boy come outside. He puts the dog in the back seat, then turns to say hello. The boy asks, "Is that a dog in the back of your cruiser?" "Yes," the officer answers. The kid waits for a moment, then looks up and asks, "What'd he do?"