old valentines

Dear Husband,

Sorry that your valentine is getting old.  In my defense, I couldn't stay 15 forever.  15!  It is hitting me that our son is waaaaaaaaaay closer to the age we got together than I am. If he brings a girl home in nine years and says he's planning to marry her, I'm going to facepalm harder than Jean Luc Picard.  

I like looking back at old pictures of us. Usually, I'm startled by how thick your glasses were (Lasik FTW!) and frightened at my glittery, iridescent eye shadow which only seems to accent the hideous red eye.  Thanks for marrying me despite my alien face!

Life is so weird right now, but we are stronger together.  My biggest prayer for us is unity as we fight daily battles, some big and some small.  I thought marriage was hard until we had kids. I thought parenting was hard until we became foster parents.  

What's the next step? What's the next call? Let's find out together...



PS I miss hiking.