abortion, foster care, rape, and keeping my mouth shut

So, I guess when people are publicly posting on Facebook, I'm allowed to publicly re-post their nonsense, right? (I'm not using their names at least, although, I doubt they'd be ashamed of themselves.) A friend of mine posted an interesting article about abortion, citing the rights of females -- namely, the unborn ones who were being annihilated. Somehow, the discussion turned into how I am a rapist. Yes, you read that right. They didn't use my name, but apparently foster parents are in it to rape kids. Think I'm kidding? Here are a few of the most *interesting* comments that people posted. Again, to clarify, this wasn't some public pro-choice forum, this was a friend of mine, who happens to have a rather unique perspective on the matter due to her own history as a sixteen-year-old mom.

I get people are against abortions, on the flip side I have seen the malnourished abused result of children who were unwanted initially but religion and family forbade abortion and adoption. Then with what's been in the paper with kids in the foster system being abused, raped , murdered OR ALL THREE, you have to see that sending your kid to an underfunded program like DHS isn't a better option. It is the righteousness of the rich (and yes if you can work, afford your roof over your head and feed your family you are rich) to oppose abortion and the burden of the poor to deal with the consequences.

My thoughts on this... Where to begin? The idea that the life ahead will be difficult can justify murder is basically the entire concept of euthanasia, only without the patient ever agreeing to the "mercy killing." Seems awfully monstrous to me... Mrs. Jones has cancer, so we'll just kill her because the decline would be painful. What does Mrs. Jones think? Oh, her opinion doesn't matter.


Furthermore, while I agree that the foster care system is a general disaster, I don't believe that the primary outcome is each child's rape and murder.  Are you really so committed to your opinion that you are willing to sweepingly accuse 415,000 American foster parents of raping and murdering children?

I understand the way you feel, I just ask you soften your heart and look at the whole picture, not just a fetus that was unwanted will be cared for by no one...

"Unwanted and cared for by no one." Great, it's nice to meet you, I'm "no one!" I will care for that child, and others like me will as well.  (At least the 414,999 of us that aren't rapist/murderers.)

Additionally, I resent your implication that all women who have abortions view a child as "unwanted." What about the women who are uninformed, forced to abort, or confused/tricked by a racist, abortion-minded culture that is trying to eliminate people 'like them'? (Yes, I went there. It's the truth, and the racism in the abortion industry is mind-bendingly awful.) 

Plenty of women who have abortions have other children, already or will in the future, and it's heartless of you to accuse them of being uncaring. Many abortion-minded women earnestly believe they have no other choice, and many fall victim to the lies that have been repeated to them over and over and over.

...if you want to fix the system or help, I can give you numbers to go volunteer drug addicted newborns whose heroine using mothers cannot care for them.

Oh! You have my number! Neat! Yes, as a foster parent, I have cared for a baby born addicted to cocaine. So thanks for the offer, but I'm pretty sure you have NO IDEA what you are talking about. Yes, the cuddling program I think you're referring to does exist, but it is a wildly temporary solution. The system doesn't need more people who have an hour a month to drop-in and drop-out (or worse yet, people who think only of themselves until they are running their mouths online spouting vitriol and hatred). The system needs more people who ACTUALLY CARE and want to commit their lives (not their words) to helping others.

I know it sounds cruel to just say "murder a baby". We all know what this world like~ an unloved unwanted child who is bounced around from foster homes and left on the worlds door step at 18 is not a healthy life option either. 

Again, with the "unloved and unwanted" lie. Stop it! Stop it! You shriek that WE are judgmental for seeking to preserve life while at the same time vilely condemning all abortion-minded women as literal monsters who won't want or love their children or would boot them to the curb at the first opportunity. Do you not hear your own hypocrisy?  There are so, so, so, so few women who have abortions that believe that they are "with child." The lies that prey on them are specifically perpetuated to convince them that 'what' is within them is not a life. Why would ultrasounds be such an effective deterrent to abortion if the women already believed this was a child inside them? The truth is that they have been convinced by the lies of Planned Parenthood (and so-called feminists) that it isn't a human life. The child is NOT unloved and unwanted as you so self-righteously declare. The child has been hidden, lied about, and cloaked behind confusing and misleading medical language in order to prey on vulnerable, scared, and usually economically fragile women.


Bleh. I hate this topic, and I resent that my life and my choices are used to justify an evil of this magnitude. I did keep my mouth shut (or fingers still) on Facebook, because there's no winning an argument against anyone (particularly a stranger) who disagrees with the entire worldview that forms your opinion. Especially when you're typing!  But I'm still addressing it here to fight the idiocy of people who use the brokenness of the foster care system as a justification for abortion.