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For  Going Back Cold

For Going Back Cold

Alyssa Ross of BookExpression

“The story was so heartbreaking and ultimately redeeming. I just couldn’t stop turning the pages. Jane’s journey was so painful and yet beautifully real.”

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Tina Truelove of Abundant Family Living

"Set in front of a background of exciting science fiction, Going Back Cold is a story of the reality of hope, forgiveness, and healing after great hurt. It is a story about a faith that sustains through suffering and a sovereign God who will never leave us."

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Serena at Poetree

"This gripping, near-future sci-fi kept my attention from beginning to end... Despite the heartbreaking theme, the story is dotted with pockets of humor, and I often found myself laughing out loud at banter, antics, and references to hobbits in space."

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The Senator's Youngest Daughter

By Kelley Rose Waller


Senator A.C. McFerren has been missing for more than six months. The obvious prime suspect in his disappearance is the homegrown terrorist group known as the Army of Social Justice.


Searching for her kidnapped father leads Brenna McFerren Jefferson to the terrorists’ elusive “Death of Government” headquarters, known as The Doghouse.  But nosing around where the federal government won’t investigate puts a target on her family… and sets in motion a rebellion she isn’t prepared to lead.


Dreams of liberty cause the Senator’s daughter to disguise herself for undercover recon, recruit a high-ranking defector, and partner with a subversive news agency that combats government propaganda.  As Brenna’s strength and family ties are tested, she unites a political party that commands the power to transform the United States.


Book cover design by  Lime Creative

Book cover design by Lime Creative


Kelley Rose Waller

Kelley writes fiction to imagine new life experiences.  Her second novel, Going Back Cold, was released on October 1, 2019.

Her debut novel, The Senator's Youngest Daughter, was released in 2016.  This conservative political thriller pits a young woman and her family against a media tycoon backed by the president of a very different United States.

Kelley's day job as vice president of a marketing firm offers her the opportunity to write and plan for clients in diverse fields.  Kelley and her husband are Pennsylvania foster parents.  Kelley lives and writes to uplift and glorify the name of Jesus Christ.

Kelley is a ridiculous fan of science fiction and board games.  She has a B.A. in English and lives in Lancaster, PA, with her husband, their children, and their dog.

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