Redbox Recap

Hubby and I don't get to the movies a lot, except when there's something with "star" in the title. Then, we make the effort to get a babysitter. Other than that, we are big streamers and occasional Redboxers. This week, we sort of Redbox binged. Is that a thing? Because we did it.




Yes. Yes. This movie was excellent. Too much sexy business for being comfortable, but that would be my only complaint. Great acting from two of my favorite Hollywooders. I thought this movie far excelled its trailer which made it look a little boiler-plate-space-accident to me. The story was more complex than I expected, considering I watch, um, a LOT of science fiction.

50 points each awarded to Parks 'n' Rec and the Hunger Games franchise.

Assassin's Creed

No, snooze. I'm not a gamer, but I really enjoyed the parts of this game that I watched my husband play. And, you need to understand, I'm not a good wife who watches my husband play video games. So, for me to say that I watched a game means it was cool. I also love Michael Fassbender, so I was really disappointed. They made the Animus some sort of Doc-Oc-inspired wild arm contraption instead of, um, a chair? Also, I do understand that the crusades were an AWFUL, AWFUL thing, but I sensed the producers jumped on the opportunity to show Christians as murderous wretches with too much glee.

3 points awarded to XBOX Widows Anonymous.

La La Land

LOVED IT. Channeled White Christmas, South Pacific, Music Man, all of the old R&H musicals I loved growing up and still love. So. Good. Ryan Gosling is so adorably perfect and awkward and laughing while he's dancing. They just seem to be enjoying themselves!  I can see why some people didn't like the ending, but I loved it. LOVED IT. Also, don't think the That Thing You Do reference eluded me! Just really couldn't have been better. Emma Stone deserves her awards. There were SO MANY scenes where she didn't even speak and her face just told the story. I mean, that is talent.

75 points awarded to tap shoes and upside down canoes.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

This was tons of fun! Not wonderful, but very enjoyable to watch. My favorite character was Queenie (hysterical), and my favorite actor was Eddie Redmayne as the lead. I love awkward, and he just charmed it! The beasts were fun, but I felt like there wasn't quite enough substance to the story. I did like the ending surprise, BUT, unfortunately, that surprise also made the entire thing feel like the opening scene of a better movie. I don't like watching a first-in-a-series that feels like a first-in-a-series: a two-hour setup for something else. I'd rather watch a really great stand-alone movie and think, "I hope they make a sequel!"

35 points awarded to "why is the rum gone?"