speaking of funny stuff

Parenting is embarrassing if you're the kind of person who blushes at the thought of carrying a vomit-soaked pillow out to the garbage can in your pajamas. (Which I'm lucky not to be.)

If I was with you right now, swapping stories over a chai (which, for those of you who are unfamiliar, is like coffee except it tastes delicious instead of like you're drinking something you scraped off your shoes), I think I could make you laugh. Sometimes, our household is full of same-old-same-old (the classic "buddy, why are you naked?" and "sweetie, how did you get another black eye?"), but this has been a pretty fruitful week for new funny stories. 

You're welcome in advance -- I will spare you all the puke pillow story, but trust me, it was... potent.

So, we're out to breakfast and I pull out Mickey Mouse stickers to entertain the brood. As if in a movie, one child starts rhyming "Donald Duck, Bonald BUCK, FONALD--" and I'm not kidding, my son shouted the f-word in a restaurant full of retirees eating egg whites.

Also, my 3yo just handed me a toy phone, and when I said, "Hello?" he replied, "Yes, hello, this is Darth Sideous." 

I'm lucky to have an understanding husband because I was full of antics and shenanigans this week.


But then there was also a really sweet moment where my son and his cousin were collecting pretty rocks and calling them "jewels of righteousness" which was pretty epic.  Sunday school FTW!!

And when the other son and his other cousin wore matching PJs and he made this terrifying zombie face.

I hope he gets that expression from his daddy's side.