summer reading for kids: a universe of stories


I’m sure it’s not unique to Lancaster County, PA, but our library does a fabulous summer reading program for children. Even for the littles! So I can read to my 2-month-old (and the big boys can read to her) and we can fill our colorful little squares that equate to blocks of time and POOF in August, you get a free book, free ice cream coupons, free soft pretzel coupons, free fast food treat, free local baseball tickets — just all kinds of things!

My little men have their noses in a book often, side-by-side on the couch. (If it’s a really lucky day, the 9yo reads his chapter books to the 6yo.) We’ve always had a standard ‘book time for screen time’ currency in our house, but the summer reading program really does incentivize them pretty well in the non-school months.

Local sponsors always show up to get kids reading books, and my kids love it. We’ve participated every year, and there are often different, new and exciting prizes. This year, they’ve even added a physical fitness quest that results in different prizes if you check out local parks and complete various activities like a daily exercise routine.

If you’re a local, you can learn more here.