whales, horses, and Reykjavik (journey to iceland, part 4)

Whales of Iceland was a great museum. Actually, almost all of the museums we’ve done here were excellent. Modern, technologically advanced, super interactive. This exhibit in particular was great. They let me touch the whales which were squishier than you’d think! Felt very convincing, not that I’ve ever touched a whale.

Kramer was on the street too. The street art here—delightful. Beautiful churches! Everything here is so old, just ancient compared to things we see at home.

I’m also throwing in a picture of two of my cousin’s hair that I braided for our dinner out because it turned out amazing, and I’m proud of that.

One other random addition, the Star Wars bathroom of Cafe Babalu. This place had great reviews, but the service wasn’t good (mean guy at the counter) and the food was only ok. We just got dessert.

The Icelandic Horse was a HUGE highlight. The staff here was super experienced and made a bunch of novices like us feel safe. My horse’s name was Kambur. He was adorable but nippy. Turned out at the end that they are all just a nibbly breed; as soon as they let them free, they all started chewing on each other’s necks. It was hilarious! They are also huge herding horses, and I’ve never ridden on a horse who wanted to be so close to his buddies. It wasn’t like our boots were brushing other riders—our legs were pressed flat against the horse beside us. They moved like an adorably hairy mob! Once when we stopped, the horse beside me literally laid his head down on the butt of the horse in front of him and closed his eyes. Like just taking a quick nap on my friend’s bummie.

The last thing we did was dinner out at the Salt Kitchen. It was delicious! The decor was gorgeous and the servers were really nice, too.