Stormy Waters


The Lord directly ministers to me through my children's morning Bible lessons. So many times, I've found myself with three little faces staring at me while I weep over breakfast cereal. Somehow, just the right story is always on the next page. God reaches down and shakes my shoulders with His truth before my morning chai is even gone.

We read "Jesus Stills the Storm" this morning. I choked up as read the line, "Master, don't you care that we are about to drown?" How impertinent to speak to Jesus... in the exact way I speak to Jesus in my prayers.

The funny thing is, at least in the ESV, the impertinence is really only found in Mark 4. (Luke 8 and Matthew 8 each relay a softer 'we are perishing.') Was Mark the only disciple who felt like I feel sometimes?

DON'T YOU CARE? DO YOU EVEN SEE THIS? I shout, pounding my chest like Lt. Dan as the stormy waters soak my hair and threaten to sweep me overboard. It's an ugly picture, and Jesus in mere moments will rebuke their lack of faith. Because you know what they never had to yell? They never had to yell, "WHERE ARE YOU?"

Do you know why? BECAUSE HE WAS IN THE BOAT. The Creator of the universe was in their boat.

I AM NOT ALONE. When it's stormy, when it's pouring rain, when the wind is so strong I can't take a deep breath... I am not alone. He is in the boat with me.


Today I will cling to the truth that my Savior is in this boat with me. And in HIS perfect timing, the storm will cease. 

"They had never before heard of anyone who could command the wind and waves like this. It was almost like Creation week, when God said 'Let there be light!' ... and the world was made at His command. Now the Creator had spoken again and creation recognized His voice."

(Quote from Life of Christ, by Beka Horton and Fannelle Shepperson, A Beka Book)