Circling Jericho

Today is my son's 999th day in foster care. You might think I'm kidding, but I have an online calendar running. 1,000 days tomorrow since we became his "resource parents," as the state says.

I was eight days behind on my kids' advent calendar (A Jesse Tree handmade by a dear friend of mine that traces the lineage of Christ), so this morning was the story of Joshua.

I'm sitting at my kitchen table, stressing about testifying in court.... all the while, reading and I'm telling my kids about how the Israelites were in the same situation!  (Ok, not the same, but keep reading.) They were facing a problem (Jericho) with an obvious solution from a human perspective, but GOD told them to use His way instead.

His way was six long days, silently marching... boring, plodding along in what seemed like purposeless steps -- walking in circles.  And then on the last day, MORE CIRCLES!

But the children of Israel (for once?) obeyed. On the seventh day, after all their circling, He showed them TODAY IS THE DAY I HAVE PICKED. He said NOW SHOUT, and they SHOUTED! It was HIS PLAN IN HIS TIMING.

So as hard as today was, and as much as I wanted conclusion/closure/an answer, I need you to know that I was eight days behind on my advent calendar that a friend made me four years ago so that God could encourage me that WALKING IN CIRCLES can be part of His plan.

So here we go.

Sing Vanessa Carlton with me... You know I'd walk a thousand miles... in circles.