Dear people who vandalized my church

Photo from  WGAL

Photo from WGAL

Dear people who vandalized my church:

I'm really sorry that something's bugging you.  Despite your choice of graffiti topics being 666 and upside down crosses, I doubt you're Satanists.  You probably live nearby. You might even go to Manheim Township schools.

I wonder what made you want to go to so much trouble?  I mean, it's cold and it was dark and that's like 50 feet up.  That seems to be a lot of effort. 

Are you trying to make your parents angry enough to get their attention? Are you trying to impress a girl? Maybe you're  angry because you're gay and the media told you churches like ours hate you?

I don't know. Because I don't know you.  But here's another thing: You don't know me.   So targeting me and my church for your anger seems a little premature.

You don't know that I've been attending Westminster Presbyterian for thirty years (I'm 32).

You don't know that I got married here.

You don't know that my sons got baptized here.

You don't know the love this congregation is capable of, thanks exclusively to Jesus.

Maybe you should give us a shot.  I'm not promising perfect because we aren't.  You might think our music is boring. You might think our décor is stodgy.  You might think the sanctuary's too hot or too cold. (You might want to know what a sanctuary is.)  You might think it's weird that our pastor wears a black robe.

Maybe you'd walk into our church and feel like you stuck out. Like you'd never fit in.

Here's a secret: We all don't fit in.  The truth is that the only thing that holds us together is Jesus.  It's true, people don't drive too far to attend weekly church, so there are some factors about the demographics of Manheim Township that impact how we look, but we're working on it.

What brings us together is the Gospel: what brings us together is Love. Rather than a ladder against the steeple in the dark, you really should try the door on a Sunday morning next time and give us a chance.  Look for me.  My name is Kelley, and I (like the rest of my church congregation) would love to be given a chance to show you who we are because of Jesus.



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