i have a problem with chapters

Confessional time: I have a problem with chapters. Another writing friend of mine and I were talking today, and I confessed my hoarding: I collect chapters.  The Senator's Youngest Daughter may have ended up just shy of 70, but the next book I'm working on isn't wrapped yet and I just typed "Chapter 105." YIKES, Kelley. Self-control.

I seem to be unable to switch scenes, topics, or locations without starting a new chapter. I also like to start a new chapter after a startling moment. Not that I want commercials in my book, but I like that shock value on TV shows.

"Well, the thing is, Mr. Bauer, you're pregnant." 

[screen goes black and a Toyota ad starts screaming]

WHAT? So I guess that moment where my reader has to turn the page (or flick their finger to the left) is my equivalent of a Toyota commercial. It's the extra millisecond of anticipation... leaving them on edge.

I need to combine some of my chapters... thin the herd. It's too late for The Senator's Youngest Daughter, of course. But the next book still has hope for a reasonable number of chapters and a table of contents that isn't six pages long on the Kindle.  Finger cramp!