and now for something completely different

Any Monty Python fans out there who get that reference? No? Coconuts, anyone?

This is normally book reviews and parenting/foster care articles. But today, I bring you something OUT OF THE ORDINARY.


I have a wonderful and entrepreneurial friend who is growing a business he started (SRK Cycles) selling motorcycles locally and shipping them nationwide. He’s also on his way to becoming a YouTube star. You think I’m kidding? I’m not. He has over 33 million views. (I think it’s the beard.)

I was lucky enough for Sean to ask for my help doing some research and writing for one of his new videos. I highly recommend watching it because Sean is hilarious. Motorcycles are something entirely different for me, but I had fun working with a good buddy and learning about a cool bike.

(Once upon a time, hubby and I had a bike but we sold it because we’re old and boring now.)

ANYWAY, Sean is great and if you want a bike, HE IS THE GUY to buy it from. And now, without further chatter, here’s the video.