table for 4

With great hope that God’s loving plan for our son's life is unfolding exactly as He’d always been planning, we share with you that our family of 5 will return to being a family of 4 one week from today. Foster parenting is a unique journey, and ours has been remarkable. We have loved and parented Lil Man for 1,206 days. 3 years, 3 months, and 18 days. What a blessing he has been!

To address quickly three questions that many have asked us.

  1. It would be atypical for us to have future contact with him, but we would love that if it is offered.
  2. Yes, if he would come back into care, we would be called. But my friends, please, oh please, do not hope for this. Please do not hope for our son’s family to fail.
  3. Yes, we still feel God’s call to be foster parents in the future, but we do not know what that will look like.

Our requests:

  • Please pray for all three of our beloved boys to be resilient. Our hearts are absolutely breaking for our older two sons. 
  • Please pray for Lil Man and his family. This will be a difficult transition for everyone. Pray for his safety and emotional adjustment.
  • Above all, please pray for Lil Man's eternal future. Reminder: Lil Man does not need the Waller family to “save” him. Like all of us, all he will ever need is Jesus.

Finally, we want to remind you that the four of us are at the center of this circle. We promise anything you feel and want to “vent” about – we feel MORE intensely.  Instead of making us grimace through your expressions of frustration, please join WITH us in rejoicing in God’s plan. 

We are so honored that you have chosen to be active foster grandparents, foster aunts and uncles, foster cousins, and FRIENDS for this precious boy. We will never be able to thank you enough for your prayers, babysitting, random acts of kindness, and sacrificial acceptance of this calling. We have no doubt of our Father’s merciful plan for Lil Man.

Great is His faithfulness.

With love and anticipation for the future,

Matt and Kelley

P.S. If you wish to write him a letter or send a picture, feel free (some of you did this last May) – we will put it into his Life Book.