no parent left behind


We did a seminar at church today, and I find it helps me remember to re-hash the information in writing. (Typing is writing, right?) So here are my jumbled-up notes from a really informative and well-read speaker, Dr. Walt Mueller from CPYU




  • As a parent, you can engage with media to be aware instead of engaging for it to guide you
  • Learn Dual Listening – between the Word and the world – how to discern which of Christ’s riches are need most and how to present them in their best light
  • Mental health needs in kids are on the rise due in part to the extreme dependence on devices: isolation, depression, anxiety, lack of ability to communicate

Authority and Morality

  • Our culture's "no authority" leads to "no respect" which leads to "no morality"
  • Relationships will always be louder than culture.
  • Age aspiration, age compression, and age extension: beyond the stewardship of your body, but a hyper focus on it, turning to idolatry
  • Interesting fact: Adult brain activity occurs in the front (reasoning and planning) while adolescent thinking occurs in the center (pleasure and rewards)
  • Today's culture is expressive individualism – I am the highest authority. “Follow your heart.”


  • Control in young kids... influence in older kids
  • The biggest lie Satan speaks to us and to our kids is... “Did God really say…?"
  • Look for other trusted adults who will speak the same truths to your children.
  • Setting your own heart right
  • Presenting a testimony instead of just instructing (this is what the Lord has done for me...)