The Senator's Youngest Daughter: Announcement Anniversary


A year ago today I made an announcement on Facebook that I was crossing something off my bucket list and self-publishing a novel, The Senator's Youngest Daughter. Yes, I'd tried the traditional publishing route, but that didn't work for me. (This time. Still holding out hope for the future.)

Here's a braggity brag brag of my last year...

  • 313 pages
  • 94,023 words
  • 823 units sold/downloaded/given away
  • 28 of those were paperbacks
  • 473 likes on my Facebook page
  • 20 Amazon reviews
  • 4.1 out of five stars on Amazon
  • 19 GoodReads reviews
  • 4.13 out of five stars on GoodReads

Next Chapter (ooh, a literary pun!)

  • New book progress: 293 pages (draft complete)
  • 86,505 words
  • 3.5 beta readers (because the fourth reader is in the middle of it)