god is in the small things

I was really upset about my son's blanket getting lost the other day. It was a big deal, only it wasn't. Except it really was. It matters because he matters. I shared my trouble with my sister-in-law who grabbed her golden lasso and laced up her boots to save the day. What a blessing this woman is to me!

I will let these images speak for themselves. (Sorry for all the blurring to protect identities.)


So she posts this to a mama group. Eight minutes later, a woman who told us later she hadn't been on the group in months "happened" to click to see what was up. And the exact blanket was in her closet!


So she's sending it for free. Made my night! And then a half hour later, we found out we're getting a back up because another mama (who's also a foster mama) is sending me one, too! 


So just when I was having that moment where I feel like I'm the only person who cares for this sweet child that other see as a mountain of paperwork, God reminds me through the kindness of strangers that this kid is precious to Him. 

Always in God's hand.