progress progress progress

For the first time in a few months, I'm pleased with my progress on my next novel.  I finished draft 1 a while back but haven't been able to sit down and really dig into the editing.  Then the holidays arrived, which you'd think would slow me down... but somehow, progress! Woo!

My husband has been home more, so obviously, that helps.  But I've also had less work to do (I'm a freelance marketing consultant) which is nice for a change -- more time for personal adventures.  

My kids can't tell the difference because I'm still sitting in front of the computer.  I feel like there's a correlation between an amateur race car driver who takes his souped up car to the grocery store and the library and stuff: I'm sitting in the same seat, using the same steering wheel, but for two very different reasons.

(Don't get me wrong, I love my work, but it isn't the same as writing my own stories.)

I'm up to Chapter 19 in my first editing run-through, or page 63 of 302.  Total is hovering at 92,357 words.  BUT right now I'm blogging instead of working on it more... the procrastination's sneaky this way.  I also set up another set of Facebook ads, but I need to stop wasting my money.  I'm getting plenty of clicks but no conversions.  How sad.  I've tried a lot of options, but perhaps I need to try different media.  Plus, everything I read online scares me and says most of Facebook's clicks are bots anyway = a waste of money.

Back to the grind I go...