why it stinks to be a real Star Wars fan right now

It stinks to be a real Star Wars fan right now. I'm excited about Rogue One, but so is everyone else. And quite frankly, they don't even know why.  They see the trailers and ads everywhere, so they're excited just like they were for the last Avengers movie or for the new Ghostbusters.

These are the same people who spent two days after watching The Force Awakens proposing that Ray has just gotta be Luke's daughter!  Shut up.  There is an entire Star Wars universe. They are not all related, and it isn't an awakening if the force sensitivity is passed as expected through a family. 

We're normally very responsible parents who don't spend a lot of money on excess things or let our kids watch/engage in violence of any kind.  But somehow, when it's a lightsaber, my kids are talking about stabbing each other and I'm just like, "Oh, hey, better not, Darth, LOL."

I know that Star Wars has always been somewhat mainstream, and I know that I'm way too young to consider myself an original fan.  But we had a Vader mug and t-shirts and kids bed sheets before most of you.

It stinks to be a real Star Wars fan right now because the merchandising is freaking everywhere.  Honestly, I want it all.  My husband and I bought our kids a ridiculous number of toys for Christmas, but that's only because we want them.  Plushes, Matchboxes, clothes, bath towels, coloring books, tree ornaments, cups, figurines, pajamas, that awesome Chewbacca mask--all of it. Give it to me.  I mean, give it to my kids.