scary things from my childhood

Last night, I slept terribly.  For some reason, I repeatedly dreamed of spiders.  Large, hairy, breathing spiders. (Yes, they were large enough and close enough in my nightmares that I could see them breathing. Side note: Do spiders breathe?  

My son asked me to read a bug book before bed, and although I enforced my standard policy of not reading the spider pages, we still "had to" flip by the huge image of the tarantula before he found the beetle page he wanted to read.  And that's all it took.  So I got to wake up over and over having mini panic attacks, brushing away enormous imaginary spiders.

I don't know why I have a spider phobia, but indeed I do.  What others things do I inexplicably hate?

  • Candy corn - Because my mom used this as a treat when I was being potty trained, they are to me eternally associated with poo.  Also, they taste completely and utterly horrible.  I'm frankly surprised I'm potty trained today with that as the reward.
  • Creepy dolls - I know I am not alone in this, but please note that the image above wasn't from a random internet search. This doll (handmade with absolute love, though it was) is really pretty creepy.  Sorry, Mom, BUT WHAT IS UNDER HER EYES!  
  • Vampires - I can specifically trace this fear to a single image in my elementary music textbook from Lancaster Christian which included a picture from an old Dracula movie talking about tone in music or something.  Here's the exact picture that scared me silly (as in I opened the book with just my fingertips because I wanted to touch as little of it as possible), courtesy of a quick Googling:


Some friends of mine recently expressed their shock that I've never seen "The Neverending Story," so we watched a little of that last night.  Add that to my list!  [hides behind blanket] Everything in that movie was horrific.  That dragon's nose and scales/fur combo...?  Ugh, maybe I'm glad for the spiders.