Am I a supervillain?

The Senator's Youngest Daughter may include a lot of politics, but one thing that's happily missing is an election.  Now, truth be told, part of that is because of President Spencer put the executive elections "on hold" and adjourned the legislatures sine die.  So maybe it's an odd confession that my villain and I both hate elections.  Am I a villain?

We hate elections for different reasons.  President Spencer (who, in case anyone is curious, was named for a childhood neighbor I detested) hates elections because he knows there's a chance he'll lose power... that the people will take back their freedom... that his policies will have to change.

I hate elections because they bring out the worst in everyone I know and everyone I know "of" (meaning the media and the politicians themselves).  I'm far from a news junkie, but I do like to keep up with current events... except during elections.  Actually, our power went out for three hours today, and it was glorious!  More days like today would be incredible. (Stupid cell phone still gives you access, though.)

Everyone says they want the debates, the ads, the discussions to be about substance. Policy! Plans!  And yet, I haven't seen actual intelligent information anywhere on Facebook, which during election years turns into a horrible political propaganda machine full or horrific misinformation and uninformed opinions and occasionally something hilarious that is still usually very offensive to 49% of people.

What America wants is drama. 'What can we turn into the funniest bad lip reading?' is the primary concern.  What America wants is to get people offended. 'What can make people pissed enough to share this online?' is the primary concern.

I've done my fair share of laughing at political cartoons, don't get me wrong.  The bad lip readings are hysterical. The "Time of My Life" duet was a work of art.  But isn't all this happening because of how much we hate the candidates?  How many people are voting AGAINST this-or-that instead of FOR that-or-this.

My political beliefs are far from mainstream.  I know that some people who might otherwise like the story of Brenna and her family won't be able to get past their/my politics.  Maybe I'll make them laugh a little, but I'll mostly make them mad.  "Those aren't the heroes!"

When was the last time we had a hero in politics? At least one who was actually successful?  I've never had the opportunity to vote for someone with whom I agreed 100%.  Or even, like, 80%.

Hence, to fiction I go. I will create a hero with whom I can agree 100%, and I will cheer for him or her.  Is it legal to write in a fictional character's name at the ballot box? If so, there's two "r's" in McFerren.